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My name is Richard Hyde, and I'm a Landscape Photographer based in Porthcawl, South Wales. Growing up and living by the sea has certainly had a powerful influence on me, and I have been forced to watch as it changes from day to day. This has given me a huge appreciation of how different conditions can completely transform the atmosphere of a location, and how these moments pass by all too quickly - sometimes going completely unseen. Photography not only allows me to preserve some of these 'perfect' moments, but it also presents the opportunity to explore and experience some inspiring places, and examine the details in the area around me which people might otherwise overlook.

I get my inspiration from the drama and intensity of passing storms, the beautiful natural light at dawn and dusk, and how every season has something different to offer this diverse little island. The interaction of the weather and seasons has a massive impact on my photography, and I have been told that this fascination with the weather borders on obsessive, but I'm British, and we're all like that, right?!

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